How To Prevent Theft

To prevent identity theft, you must vigilantly guard your personal information. Thoroughly shred all bank statements before recycling them, and cut up your credit cards. Be careful when shopping at online retailers, and make sure that you do not submit your credit card information over any unsecured servers.


RFID Blocking Men’s Leather Bi-Fold Wallet

digital pick pocket

You are standing in line at the supermarket, surrounded by people staring down at their cell phones. You want to believe they are all tweeting, or texting, or – anything but scanning digital information from the credit cards in your wallet. But you are realistic. You already know about RFID skimming and the trouble that follows if you become a target: identity theft, and stolen credit card information. You want to protect yourself from digital thieves, but you don’t want to finally get to the register only to hold up the line fumbling through your tin can stuffed with bills and cards. You want safety and style.

RFID Signal Safe’s Men’s Bi-Fold Wallets and Money Clip provide you with:

  • Security and peace of mind – RFID blocking wallets and money clip stop thieves in their tracks by blocking the RFID signal on your credit cards, before they can compromise your identity or the credit you have worked so hard to maintain.
  • Luxury and protection – Genuine, handmade leather wallets and money clip conceal RFID blocking technology inside.
  • Organization: Bi-fold wallets include 6 RFID credit card protector pockets, and 2 currency pockets. Money Clip includes 6 RFID credit card protector pockets and a clip for currency.


Bi-fold wallets are available in Black Textured Leather, Black Leather & Fabric, and Crocodile leather.